The CIA training facility has never seen the likes of these two…
When you meet a Tinder date for the first time in person and you’re just like…
Take a deep breath. It’ll fit.
“Give piece a chance.” -Dave Skylark
Call it: is this trivia about North Korea true or total BS?
The only thing harder than the mission is making sure these guys don’t screw it up.
Pretty on the outside, hollow on the inside…. like Easter candy.
Aaron Rapoport isn’t afraid to show what he’s made of.
Dave Skylark likes that sweet and that spice and that everything nice.
We further apologize for the drunken texts we sent him in Spanish.
Kim Jong-Make-em-say-UNNNNNN-Na-Na!
“Is this what you want?! YOU LIKE IT!!”
Some mistakes just can’t be un-done.